To resolve an issues with browser session cookie conflicts that were preventing people from logging into the archived sites if they first visited the live site. It has been necessary to make the main site use the www. prefix as used to be the norm. Now if you go to it will automatically redirect to so you shouldn’t need to do anything special. However, if you have saved your login details for the site, you will need to enter them again because your browser will see this as a different site in most cases.

If you let your computer “sleep” or “hibernate”, with several web browser tabs still open for reading later, you will probably still have an offending cookie held in memory. To ensure you don't still have the conflicting cookie issue, you will need to close all those tabs and browser windows to let the browser release the cookie. If this doesn’t work, you may need to manually delete the cookie or clear your browser cache. If you use the Chrome browser (which we don't recommend), you will almost certainly need to clear your browsing history to get it to release that cookie.

If you do need to clear cookies from your browser cache, this help article Clearing cookies from your browser cache may help.

As we now have different archived sites, so you can login to previous years courses, you need to be aware that changing your password on one site does not change it on  the others.