There are several ways to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting. Using Outlook desktop app, Outlook Web app, or in the Teams app.

This video shows how to schedule and keep track of meetings in the Teams app.

Scheduling a Meeting in Teams video

Please note - You won't get a meeting URL if you don't invite at least one attendee.


Outlook web app in Office 365

In Outlook on the Office365 web portal in the calendar you start by clicking “New Event” shown here:


office 365 calendar new event


In the new event page, enter a subject, pick a date and times for the meeting, turn on the “Teams meeting” switch, enter some message text and, optionally add some recipient email addresses. Here I have added Cate Blanchett.


create meeting


Once completed, in to top left there will either be a Save or a Send button, depending on if you added attendees or not.  Doing either will create the entry in your calendar as shown here:


calendar entry


If you click the entry in the calendar, it opens more details as shown here:

meeting details summary


From here you can click the “Join Teams Meeting” to join it. Or Edit the meeting.

If you click Edit, you will see the meeting details now include the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” hyperlink, which you could copy and email to anyone you want to invite, if they weren’t in the attendees list.