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If you have studied on the 2020-21 course, you can continue to access your 2020-21 teaching materials in this archive site for review and research purposes.

The main live site located at is currently being prepared for the new academic year. This is where you will need to go when the new term starts.

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Those students that have been enrolled in previous years of a course can login to those years to access their files. Please be aware that teaching materials, e-learning and policy documents found in these courses were correct at the time, but may not be the same as the current year. Consequently, you should only use this for historic reference. All work must be done in the current academic year, unless you are still working on a past academic year, in which case you should submit your work in the relevant archive below

If you were not enrolled in these years you will not be able to login. Your password will be the password at the time. If you have changed your password in the current year, it will not have changed it in previous years. However, you can use the Forgot your password link in the year concerned to reset it if you need to.

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